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Tropical Bloom

Designed to impress with the use of hand-painted walls and furniture in muted colors like olive green, powder pink, carrot red, peach, and greige, we explored a tropical theme with a touch of coastal nostalgia.

3000 Sqft. Sample House Designed for Karnavati Builders


The Victorian Influence

Our inspiration for this villa project was to go back in time. To a very English time of Dickens and Austen. To a time of decadence and of exotic influences. To a time of entertaining in "parlours" and dressing up sofas in chintz.

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An Oriental Saga

A promenade of half-elliptical arches, each time unfolding into a new story of transitional design.  This 2500 ft, the residential apartment was designed over a span of 6 months, "The Oriental Saga" as I would like to call it is a mix of indo - oriental designs rich in deeper hues with an array of intricate details, from the conventional flutes to the filigreed walls.

42_Karnavati Infinity.jpg

Symphony of Nudes

A play of subtle hues planted all around us. With every passing day, it grows & warbles a melody. All we need to do is open our ears & hearts to treasure its beauty.


Sample house designed for Karnavati Builder Ahmedabad.

14_Swati Crimson 1.jpg

Monochrome Alchemy

A house that prompted us to break out of our

comfort zone of colors and work with monotones.

Bringing back minimalism with the amalgamation of

linear design and monochromatic hues.

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The Arch House

A house of light and shadows. Changing as the light changes. What remains steady, is our belief that a space is defined by the nature of its natural light. Colors of the earth, sky, sea, forest, and land. Taking a leaf from nature's notebook to create a warm and reassuring space.